Smashy Claw | Experimental Rock

Austin Ash

Austin is the overlord of Smashy Claw, the key man, the leader guy, the BOSS. He tells people what to do, and they’re all like “Sure, Mr. Austin! I’ll get right on that!” in a quivering, nervous voice. Then they sheepishly run off to complete the important task they’ve been graciously given.

Other members of the group may claim that Smashy Claw is a ‘democracy’ or whatever, but that’s what Austin wants them to think. This idea of equality is merely a false sense of security that Austin provides them to shield their fragile minds from his overwhelming dominance. He is indeed a kind man.

Austin started a project in 2008 called Rycehat that would morph into Smashy Claw three years later. In addition to writing all the lyrics for the songs, Mr. Aeschliman (as he requires everybody to call him) writes, sings, plays guitar, and bosses people around like a bossy bossing boss.

Note from Nathan: I am the real boss. Austin is a robot I built to stand in as a false leader. Thus, I won’t get directly blamed for any terrible music we make.

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