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Snow & Sadness

Smashy Claw has a new holiday EP: Snow & Sadness. 4 yuletide tunes for the seasonal affective disorder sufferer in all of us!

  1. It’s Technically Possible That I’ll Be Home for Christmas
  2. Booze, Boobs, Blood, & Blow
  3. Christmunks
  4. Santa Had a Heart Attack

Claw Machine 45 – Bloviating in the Wind

Week 45 – Bloviating in the Wind. Or whatever don’t.

Wake Me Up Before You IndieGoGo

Hi there,

We’re Smashy Claw. We make songs. A lot of them, as it turns out. Definitely enough to fill more than one album. At least two, I’d say. In fact… we have exactly enough to fill two. What’re the chances?!

In light of this miraculous discovery, we just launched an IndieGoGo campaign to fund the mastering of our next two albums: Insane is Repeating and Demons in the Undertow. 

Wanna help out? Great! Gosh, you’re nice, mister. You can back the project(s) and get a bunch of other nifty perks (like a custom song, t-shirts, posters, and so, so much more) at

Crash Chords Interview

Austin just did a nice lil’ ol’ interview with Matt of the amazing Crash Chords podcast. In the conversation they talk about hopes, dreams, Claw Machine, and the meaning of life itself (probably). It would behoove you to listen to it multiple times, make sure to take copious notes too, so you don’t miss any of our valuable wisdom. CHECK IT OUUUUUT!