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Another Lovely Fandomania Interview

We were recently interviewed again on Chad Walker’s swell podcast for geek music on Fandomania: the Fandomania Geek Music Podcast. We talk about Claw Machine, Batman, Iron-Man, and Austin talks too much. So, the usual fare.

Austin also recorded a (unsurprisingly stupid and jaunty) theme song for the show.


New Video: Claustrophobia

Okay, remember how we’ve been quiet for like three years? The hibernation is over! Here’s a new music video for our new holiday tune “Claustrophobia”. I know what you’re thinking: “FINALLY, a Christmas song for all us crazy conspiracy theorists!”. We got your back, weirdos. GOD BLESS US EVERYONE!

But it doesn’t stop there! We haven’t released a new video only to scuttle back down to our damp, dripping band cave to thrive in the darkness of eternal solitude, oh no! In just a few short weeks we’ll be starting CLAW MACHINE, a weekly video project. Yes, you read that insane sentence correctly. Every week (for as long as caffeine will allow) we’ll be releasing 1 new music video. The hibernation is over indeed, people, and we’ve been storing nuts for the winter.

(drops mic)
(explosion happens in the background)
(Austin puts on black sunglasses)
(walks away all cool and non-nonchalantly, as though he doesn’t notice the fiery wreckage)
(sunglasses get uncomfortable over his prescription glasses, so he takes them off)

Interview on Weird Al Podcast

We all know how big a fan Smashy Claw is of “Weird Al” Yankovic, right? Okay, well this week an episode of the Weird Al-themed podcast Me Talking Weird Al to You dropped where host Dakota Rimmer interviews Austin about Al and the band (… our band, not his). We encourage you to listen to this very weird and specific fandom discussion!

Geek Music Podcast Interview

The lovely Chad Walker of Fandomania interviews us this week on Episode 3 of their Geek Music Podcast. During the Q&A we talk about Batman, Iron-Man, Breaking Bad, They Might Be Giants and what this ol’ band is up to these days. CH-CHECK IT OUT.

MET Report Interview

This past Tuesday, Denver Metro University’s MET Report chatted with me after my solo show at the University of Colorado Denver. More performance videos from the gig are forthcoming. For now, check out the featurette below!