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Fandomania Reviews Former Spine!

There’s a new, lovely review of Former Spine available at the geek media website Fandomania. In it, we’re compared favorably to our heroes, some perceptive thoughts are shared on the songs, and all was right with the world, amen. Also included in this article: a review of the record released by our buddies over at Nuclear Bubble Wrap. So, by all means, CHECK IT OUT!

EDIT: We also were given an honorable mention (and retroactive placement in the previous year’s list) in their ‘Best Nerdy Music of 2014’ list. CHECK THAT OUT TOO!

Top 5 Noble Gases of 2014!

That’s right! We narrowed down the list (cause we’re an authority on things apparently) to bring you our favorite odorless mono-atomic gases of the year! So, here’s a countdown of the hottest (figuratively speaking) damn noble gases of 2014, y’all!

5. Helium (He)

One time I sucked in some helium when I was tripping balls. I laughed so hard at how dumb my voice sounded that I thought I was gonna die! Then the rest of the trip really sucked cause I was freaked out that I thought I was gonna die. Mixed emotions, man.

4. Argon (Ar)

That Ben Affleck movie that came out a couple years ago with the Breaking Bad dude was okay, I guess.

3. Radon (Rn)

It has the word ‘rad’ in the freaking title, dog! Also, it sounds like you’re saying ‘right on!’ with a southern accent. Either way, this one’s a winner!

2. Neon (Ne)

Who doesn’t love those shiny lights that they hang outside of obnoxious bars? No respectable home-bro of mine, certainly! Oh, and Neo was that dude from The Matrix too, right? Coooool.

1. Krypton (Kr)

I mean, come on. You gotta show mad love for Supes’s home planet, right?

Honorable mentions: Xenon (Xe). Sorry, bro. Ya snooze, ya lose, yo!

NEW VIDEO: My Almost Me!

Part 2 of our video double feature! Stand up for the rights of the faceless, everybody!

NEW VIDEO: Jar of Worms!

Just in time for Halloween, here’s a brand new Smashy Claw video, “Jar of Worms”!

This is the first of two in a music video double feature. We’ll be releasing another new video next Friday, Nov. 7th!