Smashy Claw | Experimental Rock

Nathan Long

Nathan is a founding member of Smashy Claw. He and Austin were acquaintances in school but didn’t really start hanging out until early 2011. In April of that year they started the group. Austin recalls the conversation going something like this:

Austin: Hey Nathan, I had no idea you were so good at doing all this music stuff. You can sing, write tunes, and play instruments? That’s awesome, you’re a talented fellow!

Nathan: Yeah, it’s impressive, I guess, whatever. The world is a black hole of disappointment, greed, and agonizing pain.

Austin: Um… right, how perceptive. So, uh, wanna start a band or something?

Nathan: Yeah, whatevs, man. It’s not like it matters anyway. Life is one cruel joke. God is a guy with a magnifying glass and we’re all a bunch of helpless ants. We’re constantly running around on fire, never reaching any sort of relief *brushes bangs out of eyes*. Do your dumb band thing, if you want. I’m gonna go post more poetry on my LiveJournal.

Nathan writes songs, sings, and plays keyboards.

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