Smashy Claw | Experimental Rock

Claw Machine 48 – Santa Had a Heart Attack

Week 48 – Santa Had a Heart Attack. It’s not all that surprising when you’re that old and fat.

Claw Machine 47 – Davey’s Sunken Hell

Week 47 – Davey’s Sunken Hell. Bottoms up till bottoms out.

Claw Machine 46 – Lied von der Grundelschnük

Week 46 – Lied von der Grundelschnük. Poison in its fang will paralyze its prey alive while it eats.

Claw Machine 45 – Bloviating in the Wind

Week 45 – Bloviating in the Wind. Or whatever don’t.

Claw Machine 44 – Evil Will Prevail

Week 44 – Evil Will Prevail. What a time to be alive!