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Smashy Claw Sends You Some Spam – 12/26/2011

Sent out to the SC mailing list on December 26, 2011.

Hey there, beloved mailing list members,

We here at Smashy Claw have but a few humble updates to bombard you with on this, the day after your holiday festivities conclude. You no doubt are aware that this means it’s time to get back to all the chaos of life: work, dieting, traffic, alarm clocks, school, and caring about Smashy Claw. To help get you back into the groove of everyday existence, here’s some news to satiate the latter portion of activities we just described:

– Smashy Claw’s Weapon of Choice? Song!
– Dumb Holiday Cover Thing
– Twenty-Six and a Half: A Weird Al Tribute
– It’s Not a Real Heart
– F#$@ed Up Horoscope

— Smashy Claw’s Weapon of Choice? Song —
You may or may not know of the bloody, limb-disembodying competitions that go on at Luckily, we’re here to getyou initiated! Each week, the guys at SongFight! post a song title they’ve come up with to their home page. They task any and all musician types who come across the site that week to write and record (however rudimentary) a song based on the title given. In the past, Austin has entered several songs to these battles, each time ending in utter failure. However, our new song “Drool” (based on the title “Better than Before”) is quite good, we think. You should go listen to it at the website mentioned above. If you like it, vote for our song! If you hate it, vote for every other song in defiance and disgust.

— Dumb Holiday Cover Thing —
Earlier this month, Austin took the liberty of being extremely bored. As he often does during his boredom induced stupors, he recorded something stupid. This time, he recorded a holiday cover of “Santa Claus is Coming to Town”, with a minor title change. He realized that the song would make just as much sense if Santa were replaced with Mr. Chuck Norris. Thus, “Chuck Norris is Coming to Town” was born into existence. Luckily, we’ve informed you about this song exactly one day after you might’ve cared. Nevertheless, you can listen to it at

— Twenty-Six and a Half: A Weird Al Tribute —
As this is the first proper email update sent out to this mailing list, we feel the need to inform you on a project that we were involved in a few months ago. In early 2011, Smashy Claw’s very own Austin Aeschliman produced a tribute compilation to musical comedian “Weird Al” Yankovic. As such, SC is featured on the CD, performing a very layered version of “Close But No Cigar” from Al’s Straight Outta Lynwood record. For those that might be interested, the album can be bought and/or listened to in its entirety at

— It’s Not a Real Heart —
As mentioned before, Smashy Claw is currently covering every song on Jonathan Coulton’s new album Artificial Heart. The newest cover added to the project is of the song “Sucker Punch”. Check it out!

— F#$@ed Up Horoscope —
You will kill a random stranger and put him in your passenger seat in order to drive in the HOV lane.

Your pal and eternal enemy,

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