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Toy Story 3

Welcome to a new series of posts in which I talk about stuff unrelated to the band. Enjoy my drivel, ENJOY IT!

The Toy Story movies have always been a big part of my childhood. I was infatuated with these films when I was just a wee lad, so naturally I was psyched to hear that they were making a final movie to wrap it all up. As if the fact that I associate these flicks with my childhood wasn’t enough, the main human character ‘Andy’ is going to college in the film, which I’ll be doing in just a few months, which makes this movie even more personal to me.

After watching the movie today I must say, I can not think of a better film to act as a finale to my childhood (before I turn 18 in a month) than Toy Story 3. There are literally no flaws in this cinematic masterpiece and you all need to see it. Even though this movie is more personal to me than it probably is for you, you’ll still love every bit of it. I mean I cried at the end of this thing and I hardly ever do that. In fact if you don’t cry during TS3 you’re an inhuman monster.

So, any way, to close: I grew up with Toy Story, and just as it comes to a close, so goes my childhood, both flashing before my eyes, and I say, it’s only just begun…

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