Smashy Claw | Experimental Rock

Newb Track: What Exactly is a Smashy Claw?


This page marks the beginning of your amazing adventure to becoming the world’s biggest Smashy Claw fan. Prepare for your life to be changed forever… by which we mean: you will go from a person who did not know about Smashy Claw to someone who does.

Smashy Claw is an experimental rock duo from Longmont, CO. The primary goal in their bid for universal domination is to hook you in with catchy melodies and interesting arrangements, then once you’re humming along, you start to notice that the songs are about stuff you never thought you’d hear in a rock song, like talking pet rocks for instance (literal rock music, people).

Have you ever lied in bed at night, restless, sweating, anxious, hoping that a band would make some musically varied, densely layered, irreverently quirky rock songs with unique subject matter (such as sentient guillotines)? Then dude, is this the best day of your life, or what? They make stuff just like that! Just think, I bet you thought you’d never have your oddly specific request granted.

For more information on the band, please visit the ABOUT section.

You are now vaguely familiar with what we do! CONTINUE YOUR JOURNEY…