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Newb Track: Getting Music


Congratulations, you’ve made it to the end of your curriculum. What a momentous day for you! In the course of our journey together, we’ve shed a few tears, had some laughs, lost a few friends from bear attacks, and learned the meaning of love, responsibility, and life itself. It sure has been a crazy ride. Now that you’ve come out alive you can be proud to call yourself a true fan. Future generations will sit around the campfire (as technology will cease existence after the inevitable nuclear holocaust) and tell stories of the folk hero who triumphed in their goal to becoming the best Smashy Claw aficionado they could be. As a result of your new found fandom, here are ways to get even more stuff from us:



Merch – Every time you buy directly from this website, an angel gets… something… probably.
iTunes – The kids seem to really like this little-known digital retailer.
Music – This site’s music section. Cheap, simple, and has many format options.
Amazon – We unwisely stuck our products in the world’s largest river, just for you.
CD Baby – Physical or digital goods from this old relic.
Shows – Yeah, we totally do live concerts. You should come to one.


Mailing List – In each update, we send out a previously unreleased MP3.
Podcast – In every episode of our podcast, we release a new song.
Music – Choose your own price here. Ya know, if you’re cheap like that. It’s okay, we won’t judge.